B Plan Competitions


(Prizes Worth Rs. 30,000 for top 3)

The event “Upstart Conquest” provides the platform where your startup can find its foundation. It is a platform where you can attract the attention and advice of the panel and not to forget, the immense networking, informal interaction and feedback from the judges. This contest aims at laying a carpet on your rugged road to establishing a big company by providing proper mentorship and guidance. Certainly not an opportunity to be missed!
Event Structure
Phase I:
Submission of the Executive summary.
All the documents should be converted to PDF and then mailed to sparsh@edcjss.in with SUBJECT:'Event Name' :Name of the team.
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Phase II:
Shortlisting of the teams based on the summary submitted by them. Only 10 teams will be selected for the final round.
Phase III(Final):
The participants will make a presentation (10-15 slides and 7 minutes maximum, including the introduction) summarizing their product and business plan. 3-5 minutes are reserved to answer the questions raised by the judges, if any.
Note: The Final Rounds will take place here at E-SUMMIT and teams should come down to JSS NOIDA for the same.
A team of maximum 5 participants is allowed.
All participants are required to fill the Executive Summary Form.
The Executive Summary should adhere to the format given and own versions should not be created. Participants not adhering to the format will be disqualified.
All the documents should be converted to PDF and then mailed to sparsh@edcjss.in should be submitted in a single mail. Even if you want to submit any document later, attach all the documents in that mail. Entries need to have an innovative value (an innovative idea provides a solution for a new need,

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